Q How do you use the machine?

A You put your sheetmetal workpiece in under the clampbar, switch on clamping, then pull the main handle (s) to bend the workpiece

Q How is the clampbar attached?

A In use, it is held down by a very powerful electromagnet. It is not permanently attached, but it is located in its correct position by a spring-loaded ball at each end.

This arrangement lets you form closed sheetmetal shapes, and also to swap to other clampbars quickly.

Q What is the maximum thickness sheet it will bend?

A  It will bend 1.6 mm mild steel sheet in the full length of the machine. It can bend thicker in shorter lengths.

Q What about aluminium and stainless steel?

A es, the JDC Bending machine will bend them. The magnetism passes through them and pulls down the clampbar onto the sheet.It will bend 1.6 mm aluminium in full length, and 1.0 mm stainless steel in full length.

Q How do you make it clamp?

You press and temporarily hold the green "Start" button. This causes light magnetic clamping. When you pull the main handle it automatically switches to full power clamping.

Q How does it actually bend?

A  You form the bend manually by pulling the main handle (s). This bends the sheetmetal around the front edge of the clampbar which is held in place magnetically. The convenient angle scale on the handle tells you the angle of the bending beam at all times.

Q How do you release the workpiece?

A  As you return the main handle the magnet automatically switches off, and the clampbar pops up on its spring-loaded locating balls, releasing the workpiece.

Q Won't there be residual magnetism left in the workpiece?

A  Every time the machine switches off, a short reverse pulse of current is sent through the electromagnet to de-magnetise both it and the workpiece.

Q How do you adjust for metal thickness?

A  By altering the adjusters at each end of the main clampbar. This alters the bending clearance between the front of the clampbar and the working surface of the bending beam when the beam is up at the 90° position.

Q How do you form a rolled edge?

A  By using the JDC Bending machine to wrap the sheetmetal progressively around a length of ordinary steel pipe or round bar. Because the machine works magnetically it can clamp these items.

Q Does it have pan-brake clamping fingers?

A  It has a set of short clampbar segments which can be plugged together for forming boxes.

Q What locates the short segments?

A  The plugged together segments of clampbar must be located manually on the workpiece. But unlike other pan brakes, the sides of your boxes can be of unlimited height.

Q What's the slotted clampbar for?

A  It is for forming shallow trays and boxes less than 40 mm deep. It is available as an optional extra and is quicker to use than the standard short segments.

Q What lengths of tray can the slotted clampbar fold?

A  It can form any length of tray within the length of the clampbar. Each pair of slots provides for a variation of sizes over a 10 mm range, and the positions of the slots have been carefully worked out to provide all possible sizes.

Q How strong is the magnet?

A  The electromagnet can clamp with 1 tonne of force for every 200 mm of length. For instance, the 1250E clamps up to 6 tonnes over its full length.

Q Will the magnetism wear out?

A  No, unlike permanent magnets, the electromagnet cannot age or weaken due to use. It is made of plain high-carbon steel that depends solely on an electric current in a coil for its magnetisation.

Q What mains supply is needed?

A  240 volts ac. The smaller models (up to the Model 1250E) run from an ordinary 10 Amp outlet. Models 2000E and up need a 15 Amp outlet.

Q What accessories come as standard with the JDC Bending machine?

A  The stand, backstops, full-length clampbar, a set of short clampbars, and a manual are all supplied.

Q What Optional accessories?

available include a narrow clampbar, a slotted clampbar for forming shallow boxes more conveniently, and a power shear with guide for straight distortion-free cutting of sheetmetal.

Q Delivery Date?

Every modle have in stock , We can arrange shipping  to you ASAP 

Q Shipping dimensions?

320E:0.5m x 0.31m x 0.28m = 0.053m³ @ 30 kg

420E:0.68m x 0.31m x 0.28m = 0.06m³ @ 40 kg

650E:0.88m x 0.31m x 0.28m = 0.08m³ @ 72 kg

1000E:1.17m x 0.34m x 0.28m = 0.11m³ @ 110 kg

1250E:1.41m x 0.38m x 0.33m = 0.17m³ @ 150 kg

2000E: 2.2m x 0.33m x 0.33m = 0.24m³ @ 270 kg

2500E:2.7m x 0.33m x 0.33m =0.29m³ @ 315 kg

3200E:3.4m x 0.33m x 0.33m = 0.37m³ @ 380 kg

650 Powered: 0.88m x 1.0m x 0.63m =0.55³@120kg 

1000 Powered: 1.2m x 0.95m x 0.63m =0.76³@170kg 

1250Powered: 1.47m x 0.95m x 1.14m =1.55³@220kg 

2000 Powered: 2.2m x0.95m x 1.14m =2.40³@360kg 

2500Powered: 2.7m x 0.95m x 1.14m =3.0³@420kg 

3200Powered: 3.4m x 0.95m x 1.14m =3.7³@510kg 

Q Example shapes

Hems,Any-angle bends,Rolled edges,Stiffening ribs,Closed channels,Boxes,Interrupted folds,Deep channels,Return bends,Deep fins

Q Advantages

1. Much greater versatility than conventional sheetmetal benders.
2. No limitation to depth of boxes.
3. Can form deep channels, and completely closed sections.
4. Automatic clamping and unclamping means faster operation, less fatigue.
5. Accurate and continuous indication of beam angle.
6. Quick and accurate setting of angle stop.
7. Unlimited throat depth.
8. Infinite length bending in stages is possible.
9. Open ended design allows folding of complex shapes.
10. Machines can be ganged end-to-end for long bending.
11. Adapts easily to customised tooling (clamp bars of special cross-sections).
12. Self-protecting - machine cannot be overloaded.
13. Neat, compact and modern design.

Q Applications

School projects: tool boxes, letterboxes, cookware.
Electronics: chassis, boxes, racks.
Marine fittings.
Office equipment: shelves, cabinets, computer-stands.
Food processing: stainless sinks & bench tops, exhaust hoods, vats.
Illuminated signs & metal lettering.
Heaters & copper canopies.
Manufacturing: Prototypes, production items, machinery covers.
Electrical: switchboards, enclosures, light fittings.
Automotive: repairs, caravans, van bodies, racing cars.
Agriculture: machinery, bins, feeders, stainless dairy equipment, sheds.
Building: flashings, facias, garage doors, shopfronts.
Garden sheds, glass-houses, fence posts.
Air conditioning: ducts, transition pieces, cool rooms.

Q The unique centerless compound hinges

 which have been developed especially for the JDC BEND™, are distributed along the length of the bending beam and thus, like the clampbar, take bending loads close to where they are generated.The combined effect of the magnetic clamping with the special centerless hinges means that the JDCBEND™ is a very compact, space saving, machine with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Q backstops

for locating the workpiece

Q Slotted clampbars

for forming shallow boxes more quickly

Q Special tooling

can be quickly improvised from pieces of steel to help fold-up difficult shapes, and for production work the standard clampbars can be replaced by specialised tooling.

Q Operating manual

machines come with a detailed manual which covers how to use the machines as well as how to make various common items.

Q Operator Safety

is enhanced by a two-handed electrical interlock that ensures a safe pre-clamping force is applied before full clamping occurs.

Q Warranty

12-month warranty covers faulty materials and workmanship on the machines and accessories.

Q Video



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