Instock sheet metal manual folding machine /hand type folding machine/manual bender

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Manual folding machine is one of the modem sheet metal processing equipment professional for thin plate bending process, has the advantages of light weight, simple operation, convenient transportation, more suitable for short-term tempo-rary site bending processing, can be used in any environment. The length can be based on user customized.

  • FOB Price: USD $648 - 3408 / PC
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 PC
  • Supply Ability: 50PC/Week
  • Payment Terms: BOLETO, Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T,Paypal
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    Model Sheet thicknes(mm) Weight(T) Dimensions(L*W*H)
    WS-1.5*1300 60° 400 1950*650*1500
    WS-1.5*1500 60° 440 2150*650*1500
    WS-1.5*2000 60° 500 2650*650*1500
    WS-1.5*2500 60° 600 3150*650*1500

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