Bead Roller Heavy Duty Rotary Swaging Machine Bead Roller 460mm 18″ 1.2mm 6 Roll Sets Rolling Machine Roller For Workshop DIY

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    Bead roller with 18 inch (460 mm) throat and 0.05 inch (1.2 mm) capacity. Six die sets are included for convenient and flexible usage. A must-have tool kit for sheet metal fabrication shops!
    • 【Product Design】- Plate steel body, 18 inch (460 mm) throat and 0.05 inch (1.2 mm) capacity, making it a perfect tool for strengthening various kinds of boards including vehicle roof, truck pans, etc
    • 【Rack and Dies】- Swager is equipped with a roll rack and 6 set of dies. Round Bead Die Sets (x 3): 0.16″, 0.24″, 0.3″ (4/6/7.5 mm). Step Die Sets (x 3): 0.06″, 0.12″, 0.24″ (1.5/3/6 mm)
    • 【Firm and Tough】- Swaging machine with full metal construction, providing firm quality, long lifespan and maximum ability for material strengthening
    • 【Manual Acting】- This bead roller is manually operated. A hand crank drives both top and bottom bead rolls. More flexible and safe than electric rotary swaging machines
    • 【Package Included】- You’ll receive a 18 inch (460 mm) bead roller former swager with 3 round bead die sets and 3 step die sets. Also an instruction is attached
    • Size Information
    18 inch (460 mm) throat bead roller former, constructed with plate steel and owns a capacity of 0.05 inch (1.2 mm), is ideal for sheet metal strengthening.
    • 6 Sets of Dies
    Three sets of round bead dies, sizing 0.16″, 0.24″, 0.3″ (4/6/7.5 mm), while sizes of step die sets are 0.06″, 0.12″, 0.24″ (1.5/3/6 mm).
    • Top Roll Adjusting
    By adjustment top roll, the operator will be able to alter depth and profiles of beads. Allowing flexible application.
    • Consice Design
    Simple construction makes this machine easy to use. You can also choose to install it on a bench or any other hard surfaces.
    • Manual Operation
    Sheet metal bead roller calls for manpower operation. Working speed is all at your control. Pausing at any time is supported. Much more free and safer than electric models.
    • Application
    Great for metal sheets such as vehicle floor pans, trunk pans and firewalls. Ideal for sheet metal fabrication shops and automotive industry.
    • Throat Depth: 18 inch (460 mm)
    • Maximum Thickness: 0.05″ (1.2 mm) mild steel
    • Round Bead Die Sets (x 3): 0.16″, 0.24″, 0.3″ (4/6/7.5 mm)
    • Step Die Sets (x 3): 0.06″, 0.12″, 0.24″ (1.5/3/6 mm)
    • Gross Weight: 58.1 lb (26.4 kg)
    • Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.3″ x 10.6″ x 5.5″ (72 x 27 x 14 cm)
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