3-Ton Car Coil Spring Compressor 6600Lbs Auto Strut Hydraulic for Car Repairing Spring Removing Tool

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Product Description
Brand new auto strut coil spring compressor compresses with capacity of 3 ton (6600 lbs). Height is adjustable with the 7 holes on the column.
Removes the toughest strut spring for replacement quickly.
Helps to repair strut components.
Essential tool for car repairing.
Safety Instructions
Coil spring compressor should be securely fixed on the flat ground before use.
Ensure yoke locating pins are properly positioned and safety clips are attached correctly.
When applying compression to the spring, always stand beside the unit.
When not in use, clean and store the spring compressor in a safe and dry place.
Maintain the spring compressor in good condition. Use genuine parts only to replace or repair damaged parts.
Before each use, check the compressor to see whether it’s in good condition. If in any doubt DO NOT use the unit.
Refilling the hydraulic system is rarely necessary. However the oil level should be checked.
To check oil level, ensure the ram is fully lowered, remove filler plug and check if the level is within 10 mm of filler hole. Add hydraulic oil if necessary.
DO NOT use brake fluid or any fluid other than hydraulic jack oil, which will cause serious damage and invalidate warranty.

  • FOB Price: USD $648 - 3408 / PC
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 PC
  • Supply Ability: 50PC/Week
  • Payment Terms: BOLETO, Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T,Paypal
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    Load Capacity: 3T (6600 lbs)
    Cylinder Piston Stroke: 320 mm (12.6″)
    Piston Diameter: 28 mm (1.1″)
    Min. Support Bar Shaft Open: 65* 51 mm (2.6″* 2″)
    Max. Support Bar Shaft Open: 60* 300 mm (2.4″* 11.8″)
    Jack Lifting Height: 495~820 mm (19.5″* 32.3″)
    Height Adjustment: Adjustable with 7 holes on the column
    Gross Weight: 32 kg (70.5 lbs)
    Package Dimensions: 107* 26* 19 cm (42.1* 10.2″* 7.5″)


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