1250×2.0mm Pneumatic Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Brake

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Free Shipping! JDC BEND 1250E Powered Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake,
Box and Pan Brake, 1-Phase 220V

 1250×2.0mm Pneumatic Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Brake

1. Packaging & Delivery :

·         Carton, 1Pc/1Carton

·         N.w:205Kg  G.w.250Kg

·         Master Carton Size:1200x950x1140 Cm

·         20Ft Container:1000Pcs

·         Delivery Detail:45days

2. Product Description:

2.1. Specifications:



Max Bending Capacity

1250×2.0 mm

Clamping Force

6 ton

Duty Cycle


Back Gauge


Foot Switch


Nominal Current

6 Amp


Thermal Cutout 70℃

Beding Edge Length


Distance Between Filters



Clamp Bar,Short Clamp Bar Set,Foot switch,Slotted Clamp Bar, narrow clamp bar

2.2 Featuring

·         More ability than conventional sheet metal benders.

·         Can make any depth and completely closed box.

·         Magnetic Clamping make it more flexible and fast.

·         With unlimited throat depth,it can bending unlimited depth.

·         Can folding more complex shapes

·         Adapts easily to customised tooling (clamp bars of special cross-sections)

·         With self-protecting system,more safty when it on working.

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1250x2.0mm Pneumatic Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Brake

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 PC
  • Supply Ability: 50PC/Week
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    1250E Powered 1250mm x 1.6mm Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Folding Machine. No more lifting!

    Product image is only a representation, actual product appearance may differ slightly

    1250E Powered 1250mm x 1.6mm Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Folding Machine Specifications

    Nominal capacity 1250 mm x 1.6 mm (4ft x 16g)
    48” (4-foot) length with a maximum capacity of 16 gauge mild steel.
    Clamping force (with standard full-length clampbar) 6 Tons  is consistent across the entire beam, allowing for crisp bends
    even in the middle of the brake.
    Recommended for HVAC shops,Tech schools, industrial art shops, and general sheet
    metal fabrication shops.

    Making enclosed boxes, triangles, alternate bends on varying planes,
    and round items such as scrolling applications.

    Bending a variety of materials, including sheets of mild steel, stainless
    steel, aluminum, coated materials, heated plastics,and more.
    Eletrical Supply: 1Phase & Pneumatic air supply, 220/240 V ac and will work at virtually
    any site.
    Nominal current: 8 Amp
    Duty cycle: 30%
    Box Depth Unlimited
    Bend Angle 0-180°
    Max. Clamping Bar Lift Unlimited
    Max. Capacity with Extension 18ga. (1.21mm) mild steel / 21ga. (0.83mm) stainless steel
    Max. Capacity without Extension 16ga. (1.51mm) mild steel / 20ga. (0.91mm) stainless steel
    Thermal Cut-Out 158°F (70°C)
    Shipping dimensions  1.47m x 0.95m x 1.14m = 1.59m3 
    GW/NW 250kg/230kg
    Blade gap adjustment Blade gap adjustment on the clamping bars lets you work with sheet
    metal of different thicknesses.
    adjustable back gauges Comes with product supports and adjustable back gauges for
    production runs.
    Scaled stroke angle control lets you deliver repeatable bends time after time.
    Notes Capacities can change depending on set up leaf extension. Rule of
    thumb for mild steel, 16ga., extension OFF. 18ga. extension On or
    Off, 20ga. and thinner, extension On.
    Easy operation 1.Put a piece of material between the clamping bar to the depth required.
    2. Engage the powerful magnet in the bending bed with push button

    3. Hit the foot pedal that softly clamps the material. This foot control keeps
    your fingers safely out of the machine and you to reposition the material.

    4. Lift the the bottom bending leaf to complete the bend and repositioned
    ready for another bend.
    open-ended design 1. allows you to create fully enclosed ducts and shapes impossible to make
    with a traditional box and pan brake.                                                                                                                         
    2. JDC BEND electromagnetic sheet metal brake can bend boxes or pans to
    almost any depth,since it isn’t reliant on conventional finger depths.
    Standard accessories include a storage tray, adjustable backstops, A full-length clamp-bar,and a
    complete set of short-length clamp-bars.
    Optional accessories  available for these models include a narrow clampbar, a slotted clampbar
    for forming shallow boxes more quickly
    Special tooling  Special tooling can be quickly improvised from pieces of steel to help fold-up
    difficult shapes, and for production work the standard clampbars can be replaced
    by specialised tooling
    Operator Safety Operator Safety is enhanced by a two-handed electrical interlock that ensures a
    safe pre-clamping force is applied before full clamping occurs.


    MATERIAL (yield/ult. stress) THICKNESS LIP WIDTH (minimum) BEND RADIUS (typical)
    Mild Steel
    (250/320 MPa)
    1.6 mm 30 mm* 3.5 mm
    1.2 mm 15 mm 2.2 mm
    1.0 mm 10 mm 1.5 mm
    Grade 5005 H34
    (140.160 MPa)
    1.6 mm 30 mm* 1.8 mm
    1.2 mm 15 mm 1.2 mm
    1.0 mm 10 mm 1.0 mm
    Stainless Steel
    Grades 304, 316
    (210/600 MPa)
    1.0 mm 30 mm* 3.5 mm
    0.9 mm 15 mm 3.0 mm
    0.8 mm 10 mm 1.8 mm

    With standard bending-beam extension fitted

    For most non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, zinc, etc) refer to aluminium above.

    1-year parts warranty as well as lifetime technical support by phone or email jdcbend@gmail.com

    specifications subject to change without notice.

    Every JDC BEND modle have in stock , We can arrange shipping  to you ASAP 

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